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Preguntas de entrevistas para Software development engineer


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API Automation related topics QA process Testing approaches Java + Cucumber tech skills Middle POO questions

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I think it went good as I was pointed to next HR calls

Write a function which will receive an hour and minute from an analog clock, and calculate the inner angle between them.

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Can't disclose, each interview had a chat phase to talk about previous projects, interests. Then, a coding interview, linked lists, arrays, trees and Sudoku. Then a testing phase.

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Teoria basica de OOP

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How would you test a bottle of water

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You have one balance tab and 9 marbles. One of the marbles is heavier that the other 8 (which have the same weight). Having only two chances to use the balance tab, find the heaviest one.

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In what area and role, you want to focus?

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Who is responsible of the quality of the software?

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Write a function that receives two pointers, and swaps the values between them.

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A string is received, which contains from 0 to N numbers. Print all the possible combination of valid words, mapping each number in the string to a character in the telephone keypad. Assume no 0 or 1's are provided, as they do not have characters in it. A function bool isValid(string) is provided, so you may know whether a word is considered valid.

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