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Glassdoor believes that greater transparency around diversity, equity & inclusion can drive change in the workplace, which is why we're excited to share our inaugural Glassdoor Equity Xray™. This first-of-its-kind report highlights where employees from distinct demographic groups report meaningful differences in workplace experience and satisfaction. Nearly two-thirds of U.S. workers in a recent Glassdoor survey said that they would consider turning down a job offer or leaving a company if they did not think that their manager (or potential manager) supported DEI initiatives. The Equity Xray™serves as a powerful reminder of the gaps that still exist for companies across all industries in terms of creating an equitable employee experience, and that employees deeply care and are paying attention.

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"So I did a thing. I had the pleasure of hosting a baking class for my Glassdoor collogues in celebration of Black History Month. I shared my simple recipe for old-fashioned fruit crisp (cobbler). I had the best time baking and sharing helpful tips and techniques in the kitchen. (We laughed a lot too!) It was also a great opportunity to connect with the wonderful people who help to make Glassdoor a great place to work. I'm grateful for the opportunity to work for a company that offers ERG's. The BUILD ERG provides a safe, supportive environment where members feel comfortable to be their authentic selves and amplify Black voices in current affairs." - Renita Malone, Customer Success Manager

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Glassdoor CEO Christian Sutherland-Wong
Christian Sutherland-Wong
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    Great mobility between teams. Team members experience, you can learn a lot from them. Very good communication with management and with the teams. Great interaction with the clients. Very interesting projects , developing new technologies and innovating in new fields.


    It can be challenging to adopt new technologies and developing more than one project a year.

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      The hiring interview process was highly organized and professional. The panel asked relevant questions, enabling me to effectively communicate my qualifications. It was a positive experience that showcased the company's commitment to thorough candidate evaluation.

      Can you describe a challenging situation you've faced at work and how you handled it?

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