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Se le preguntó a Junior Welding Engineer…22 de agosto de 2010

the most narrow welding preparation, why is applied?

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it is U preparation, is applied because economical reasons (less welding consumable used) Menos

Aker Solutions

How did I think working in the oil industry would compare to working in the space industry?

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ISO and quality requirements are the same. A bit of lingo to learn but NASA has 5000 acronyms and counting.. Oil has much less. Menos

Chart Industries

Are you willing to relocate to La Crosse area?

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I said I would be open to it as I was looking to branch out


The worst problem

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The Waterford Replacement Steam generator project in Spain with details and oversight Menos


Why did you get low grades in college

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OSU is interested is give students bad grades not really evaluating what their students know. Menos

Exotic Metals Forming

Tell me about your passion for Cars, fixing things, mechanical aptitude.

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I described how I have fixed, built and improved all sorts of mechanical and electrical things since I was a child. Menos

Exotic Metals Forming

Tell me about why you pursued Engineering (my background is not related)

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I told them about how my previous experience could not afford me the work that I was truly interested in doing, so I pursued a degree to be able to design, and build things. Menos

Exotic Metals Forming

Tell me about how you fell about working in a team

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I told them about how great it feels to accomplish huge goals that you know you couldn't do alone. Menos

TS Tech

Tell me a little about yourself?

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Just share some technical experiences or skills that may help them in this company or role. Menos

ifm Efector

Telll me about yourself?

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Please market your skills & ability in a Nut Shell.

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