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Se le preguntó a UI Artist…24 de mayo de 2019

We’d like to see what you can accomplish in two weeks time. We understand your time is valuable, so if you’re availability is limited we understand.

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Spent the time, provided redesign of 3 core UI components in a store/equipment screen, gets a one-line canned email for it. Menos

Cryptic Studios
Se le preguntó a Staff UI Artist…19 de septiembre de 2016

Standard UI question

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Answer to standard UI question


I was not "Interviewed" I just did tests

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I did tests


What are your long range plans/goals?

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To do the best work of my career, be an inspiration to/mentor other staff, and eventually work my way to a more senior role. Menos

Splash Damage
Se le preguntó a UI Artist…11 de septiembre de 2017

What are your weaknesses?

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Sometimes I can be distracting to other team members.


why we should hire you for the role?

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Because I'm the best in what I'm doing which is proven by my portfolio and it a good match to the company style Menos


Usual Game and UI stuff.

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not very helpful

Apex Systems

tell us about your design process

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it was a long answer


What makes you stand out as a candidate for the job?

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I am self sufficient-- What I lack in a degree I make up for in experience and drive. When I was young, I was told constantly I could not do this job when I grew up; by teachers, peers, family and friends. That art was not a "real job" and no one would ever take me seriously. My dad got sick when I was ten, and it drained all of our money. We lost our house, his job, everything. College was out of the question-- neither of my parents had the credit to cosign any kind of loan for the asking price of an art education. Most people would have given up. Then I started going online and meeting people who were actually doing this. It became a goal I could reach for. I started my own business when I was 14, and have been designing and illustrating ever since. I have served my own clients for over 10 years and provided my own education, paying for classes and supplies to teach myself software and techniques, since my parents could not afford to send me to school. I have succeeded in spite of my circumstances, and I think that showcases my resilience and drive to succeed. Menos

Certain Affinity

Am i willing to relocate

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Yes why not

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