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Se le preguntó a Thermal Engineer…14 de abril de 2020

Consider an iPhone being held vertically. Estimate the sustained power to keep temperature not exceed certain value? (Very vague right?!)

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I didn’t even understand the question

They don’t explain the question more. They want you to be smart/experienced enough to know what they mean Menos

what position was this for ? i never saw a position for a thermal engineer at apple. can you please tell me? Thanks Menos

Intel Corporation

What is stress?

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Force/ area

Stress = Resistance to force applied per unit area


if a light fixture gets hot, how do you modify the design to get around it.

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blah blah blah. it's like: tell me over the phone how I can solve my company's problems! Isn't that question little too much into the weeds?? apparently he was interested to know the exact answer to his problems because my general answers didn't work for him. Menos


How would you estimate the heat dissipation from an iphone?

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Power input with power efficiency

Quartus Engineering

Q: What would you do to make a coffee mug keep coffee hot the longest?

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A: Make it like the death star (Pre explosion)

Intel Corporation

What are the basic heat transfer modes? What are the most important parameters for these heat transfer modes?

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The basic heat transfer modes are Conduction, Convection and Radiation. the most important parameters for these heat transfer mode are their individual heat transfer coefficients, surface area and temperature difference which basically define the heat transfers in each mode. Menos

AKKA Technologies

Previous Work experience

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Ofcourse this is a question that is common to every interview

Capgemini Engineering

technical.. explanation about the previous projects done and basic knowledge. evaluation

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have a deep knowledge in the things what u have mentiu in ur CV

Millennium Space Systems, A Boeing Company

How is heat transfer by radiation different from convection?

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What are the main thermal loads on a spacecraft?


What is the type of radiation the spacecraft will experience when it operates not nearby any planets?

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The spacecraft will receive only Solar radiation if it does not operate nearby planets. Menos

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