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Se le preguntó a Stress Analysis Engineer…10 de junio de 2021

The questions focused on your relevant experience

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I went into detail about my relevant experience

Reliance Industries

The question was from my side. Which version of software they are using?

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He could not answer my question.


Describe the forces in a wing

STELIA Aerospace

my graduation internship because i was young graduated engineer

Answer Engineering

Solve a truss structure


Different type of failures

Capgemini Engineering

MOre of Technical questions been asked


1. Analysis of Cantilever Beam 2. Analysis of Simply Supported Beam 3. Analysis of Overhanging Beam 4. What is composite Material and what is the use of it.


how many types of failures takes place in turbine blades

Spirit AeroSystems

Describe a situation or time when you rejected someone's recommendation and why?

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