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Se le preguntó a Senior Scrum Master…7 de mayo de 2020

I am the CEO of the company and everything is running smoothly in my company without Agile but you as a person for agile background convince me to start Agile .How would you do it? or Tell me how to sell Agile?

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when everything is going fine why do they want any other process and simply just for brand sake don't use Agile Menos

Everything is smooth ? R they even running a project ?

Mary Kay

What would you do if you had a team member that was not making progress on your project

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As a scrum master it is my role to make sure that scrum processes are being adhered to for the project. Team member performance would be a responsibility of either the manager or project manager to rectify which would have to be determined by the leadership. Menos

First American Financial Corporation

User story valuation

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Explained in detail but she was expecting book answer as INVEST...

Gorilla Logic

Splitting user stories what would be your best approach.

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Always answer you want to build small user stories and you should foster the team to split them if necessary. Menos


Why I want to join Salesforce

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I want to work at this company because of the culture.


Behavioral based: Tell me about a time when ...?

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With a real life work experience and I was honest if I hadn't experienced the scenario in question. Menos


How the scope creep is controlled when it is fixed bid project using agile methodology? it would be great if explained with a suitable example

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Need to visit/re-visit using the Scrum Ceremonies the impact on Scope, Time and Budget. if any deviation need to plan/re-plan as well bring it to the right forum to take right action at the right time Menos


What do you feel makes you a fit for this position?

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because I have 10+ years of Agile Scrum leadership experience as a scrum master and product owner Menos


Are you a scrum master?

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Tell me how your background relates to this opportunity. How well do you work with others? Are you an independent thinker and decision-maker?

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Related my experience and people (soft) skills to the opportunity. Highlight Agile details. Highlight ability to learn Highlight working with others in a team environment Menos

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