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Se le preguntó a Senior Photographer…19 de noviembre de 2017

Why lifetouch?

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I like photography i would like to work in a environment which i like not just for salary Menos

Sally Beauty

What specifically was my background in photography

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Lifestyle and culinary photography

how much experience do you have in Photography field?

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2 years


"How gay are you?" (Which went on for about 10 min. because they would not believe me, even though I'm not gay. It was illegal & insulting to even ask this)!

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I should of sued them because I would of made more money than actually working there & justice would of been served. I really wish I had an audio tape of those interviews because it would of made infamous national headlines. Menos


Most important was salary expectations or am I willing to relocated and so on.

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They where not satisfied, could not afford my skill set I asked to much but they did not negotated- fairly straight forward. Menos

Picture People

What do you know about the history of the company?


Why did you choose photography?


Tell me about your previous work?


No difficult questions. Mostly focused on walking them through my resume and background.


Inquired about my photography background. Gave a PDF photography test based on lighting technique.

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