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Se le preguntó a Staff Research Associate III…22 de julio de 2022

What was your reason for leaving your current job?


1) Pricing system design for how much to offer to homeowners 2) Basic statistics on Chi2 and t test and coding for loading a data into dataframe, quite ridiculous for the level they were interviewing me for! 3) Presentation, for two people that were kept looking at their own monitors 4) culture fit session with someone having his lunch at the same time 5) product questions with someone junior

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What days came you work?

Sandia National Laboratories

How would you feel about working on hydrogen?


Some details about the projects I involved.

Institute for Defense Analyses

Can I explain the background about a certain point brought up in my research presentation?

Institute for Defense Analyses

What do I think of the future of a certain technology listed on my resume, and how would I compare it with a particular comparable technology?

UC San Francisco

Tell me about yourself & your research experience.


Why are you interested with this lab?

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my technical expertise match with the position offered.


How the basic decision tree is implemented, what k-means algorithm is, what is the power method, and the two-regressor problem on the R-square.

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