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Se le preguntó a Tracking & State Estimation Research Engineer/Scientist…18 de mayo de 2022

topological sort, can't say more


How would you cool a target What is the heat profile of the target after irradiation

Asahi Intecc Co.

Are you applying for other jobs?


To be honest, I hated this interview. I felt like they knew who they were going to offer the role to but I was a person they interviewed in case their top choice declined the offer. They asked behavioral questions based on my resume, I tried to smile throughout the interview. I think I was overqualified for the role.


The hiring / contract company asked strictly technical questions. Along with some real-world technical questions.

Samsung Electronics

How are the recent BERT based embedding models different from word2vec?

Huawei Technologies

It relates to my past research projects.

Bert Labs

understanding of ML and DL concepts and statistics


What would you have differently about a project?

Stellar Cyber

easy leetcode coding questions, research background, domain knowledge, experience. But do not waste your time, they are not honoring your experience and lying to you. No future start-up, one word-- run!

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