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TE Connectivity
Se le preguntó a Product RD ENGINEER…12 de octubre de 2017

tell me about yourself.

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Se le preguntó a RD Engineer…19 de septiembre de 2020

1. Tell me about yourself. 2. Would you mind to OT? (normally 10 hours every day) 3. Would you mind having a shift (one shift equals to one week), every 3 months?

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1. X 2. Yes for sure. 3. I need a little time to think about it.


Tell me how you overcome some work challenges


1.Implement stack using single linked list 2.(Leetcode 124) Given a binary tree, find the maximum path sum. For this problem, a path is defined as any sequence of nodes from some starting node to any node in the tree along the parent-child connections. The path does not need to go through the root.

Applied Medical

Can you tell me about (name of project) and your role in the project?

Applied Medical

Describe how you failed & how you correct your design mistakes

Cisco Systems

C++ exceptions, some imaging and antenna questions


First meeting: introduction of master thesis and life in the campus. Second meeting: life in the campus. Phone meeting: BQ, but very short and simple.

Applied Medical

Describe in detail your most successful design ideas

Maple Leaf Foods

Did you ever feel overwhelmed, how do you handle stressful situations?

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