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Expirience? Goals?

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Hi, I have 12 years of experiences in programs and projects in the retail industry, banking and telco, mainly in infrastructure, applications and data. I have two goals: manage IT complex Programs with 7 to 10 M in a rage of 8 to 10 mo.

How would you ensure operation will run and deliver products on time.

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One person asked me about everything in my CV

Tell me the main differences between PMI and Agile Methodologies

Project life cycle overall Project KPI´s knowledged, specially financial KPI´s (CCO Gross Margin, Statutory GM, Back Log Aging, Porcentage of Completion POC, Profit & Loss P&L) Many soft skills situational like questions to test for experience facing the functional core team, the steering committee and the customer

What is the capital of Syria? How many people do you consider is working inside this building? Do you have children? What do you do in your free time? Tell us about a difficult negotiation

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