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Se le preguntó a Production Supervisor…3 de julio de 2012

Tell me about a time when you had to make a decision without all the information you needed to make the decision. What was the decision and what was the outcome.

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I was asked how much lean and safety experience I had.

I would have to rely on personal experience and how to prepare for the unexpected. It is difficult to make a decision without all the information needed but history of how similar situations have played out will ensure a reasonable outcome. Menos

I felt I wasted my time even interviewing with GE. I glad I took a different job at another company. Menos

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Motherson Sumi Systems

Tell us something about yourself

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General description about college, family, general interests and technical skills. Menos

I am Neeraj Sethi

Presently working in Unisol India pvt ltd

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Intex Technologies

What the role of previous company

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My role is supervise the line employee...


Finally team leader

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Tell me a time when you lead a team that consisted of various support groups?

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I've never lead a group.

si, he liderizado grupos de apoyo que consistían en manejo de operaciones en apoyo a reestructurar sistemas eléctricos que permitan el mejoramiento en los sistemas eléctricos para el mejor funcionamiento del area Menos

Used DMAIC example.

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Rane Brake Lining

how to fix target for production

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First make a time study in shopfloor

The taget set according to custmer demand . And also check the perator cycle time of every operation. And u can set.. Menos

Man hour and machine process hour calculated in target


how will you handled 500 manpower ?

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As per following the company process flow chart so that it can be easy to work.

A proper SOP will be made and based on that the manpower will be handled

Team building, good communication is my skill and i will use my skill to handle 500 manpowers Menos

John Morrell

Tell us about your leadership style

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I'm a good leader. I can multitask and lead a group to be sure things are moving smoothly. And in a fast productive way. Menos

I believe in servant leadership

I believe a leader works as hard as he/she wishes their fellow workers to work.


Do have a problem working long hours?

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Not at all


Not at all

what is your Name?

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My name is Sathees Kumar

Am D.yogeshwaran

Bayloff Stamped Products

Can you work midnights?

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I accepted the terms of the position as I was desperate to have a job.


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