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Se le preguntó a Graphic Designer/Production Artist…29 de septiembre de 2017

Can you work overtime? Can you pass a drug test? Can you start tomorrow?

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Where you ever involved in crime, like do you have any criminal record?

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With great bravery and confidence and said, "no I currently own no bad or negative record howsoever. Menos

No I have no criminal record.

*Were There, I fixed it.


What made you interested in Spongecell and how did you hear about us?

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I was introduced by a friend and was interested in learning more about the digital industry Menos

Knoxville News Sentinel

They asked about the flexibility of my schedule.

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It was a while ago, so I was a student at the time so we talked about how to best work around classes and my schedule. Menos


If you were an animal what animal would you be?

1 respuestas octopus, I guess...Wait, what?


What are your strengths?

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Flexibility and professionalism

Estée Lauder Companies

What kind of role would you eventually like to grow into?

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Eventually into a more creative role, but I’m willing to do the work as production until I’m ready. Menos


What experiences have you had that would help in this position?

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CPG packaging and adaptation design for 20+ years

Chronos Agency

what is your ideal workplace?

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I like to work in place with very friendly co-worker and also safe

Firstmark Credit Union

Explain your design process and how you arrive at an end product.

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I explained how I would create mind maps, sketches, and then present at least 3 solid options. Menos

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