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Se le preguntó a Mobile GPU Marketing Product Management Intern…8 de agosto de 2012

Do you like to play video games?

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I used to play a lot in middle school, didn't really have time after that.


What did you do during university that makes you suitable interning

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Detailed information on my previous activities in uni and how my mini thesis provides me a door to the actual marketing world (customer behavior) Menos

Panasonic Avionics Corporation

What could you do to improve our marketing?

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I gave them an answer regarding my experience in general marketing.


Tell me a little about yourself?

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I talked about my past work experience, club/activities, and volunteer experience. Menos

FUJIFILM Business Innovation

Your boss has to catch a flight very soon, but has left a very important document that he needs to bring with him overseas in the office. The office is locked and only he has the key to the office. He calls you to help, what do you do?

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Question is not fixed, there are many answers and it is simply to test your abilities to reason and problem-solve. Menos


What is your greatest business strength

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Ability to relate top people to diverse backgrounds


How many car batteries are sold in the U.S. every year?

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Market-sizing question, similar to consulting questions.


Wie würden dich deine Freunde beschreiben?

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Freundlich, Loyal und Kreativ


What are your interests/hobbies in general?

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I am really into fashion related matters e.g. fashion marketing.


Tell me a bit about yourself

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Why the role?

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