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Micron Technology
Se le preguntó a Process and Equipment Engineer…18 de marzo de 2020

Tell me about your CCA What are your strength FYP Last job mind-boggling experience How would you describe yourself in 3 words How would your friends decribe your strength and weakness What was your one experience in life you found very tough What do you know about micron Tell me about the job profile Given a situation of priorities, rate them.

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Congrats! Wish you a fruitful career ahead :) Its a good thing that they have started the recruitment process. Hope other candidates too recceive update soon. Can I ask what documents do they require. Did they send the offer letter through email. Menos

Hey there, same case with me. I also got the job offer at the early of July and got joined the briefing session. I am still waiting for the offer letter also. Our hiring HR is the same. I also follow up with him but haven get reply. Will be joining on September. Menos

Hey, I was also interviewed for the same role in first week of April. I had 2 rounds on consecutive days. Was told that outcome would be notified in a week's time. However, no updates yet. Any updates from you guys? Menos

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Live Connections

why r u join this company?

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Being a fresher I want to say that this the platform where one should learn a lot of things because one who join this company having no practical knowledge but only theoretical knowledge. So joining this company is the great opportunity for me. Menos

this is good company nd this name is sufficent..i have starting a good platform starting for my careeier Menos

I will devolp my platform from this company for good position and this was good company Menos

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Explain P&IDs

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A Process and instrumentation diagram/drawing (P&ID) is a diagram in the process industry which shows the piping of the process flow together with the installed equipment and instrumentation. Menos

what is the next question

Piping and instrumentation diagram system

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Micron Technology

Strengths and weaknesses

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I also had an interview with the director on 7th April. No updates as of now. Did they mention anything about further steps or being contacted ? And on which Reg I'd we're you intervwed for ? Menos

So far I only received an automated message regarding the Covid 19 situation. Have tried emailing 2 of the recruiters that facilitated the interview but received no response from them. My Red ID is (172904). Menos

I too mailed them. But seems like Micron people don't reply at all.

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Micron Technology

Questions asked: 1. Why will you choose Micron? 2. What do you know about Micron? 3. Describe a scenario where you faced challenges. 4. Rank the importance of your values in the company. 5. Describe 3 words of yourself. 6. Tell me the general process of Micron.

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If the manager says he will offer your name to HR, does that mean u are offered? just wait for offer letter? Menos

If the manager sat he will offer your name, yes just wait for the offer letter

I waited for 2 weeks for the offer letter

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Procter & Gamble

1. In 2001, a company marketed 730,000 units of its product. In 2001 its yearly volume was 50% of its volume for 2004. The 2004 volume represents how many units for each of the 365 days of 2004?

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730,000 x 2 / 365 = 4,000 per day

Use only the information in the question. It is irrelevant if 2004 actually contain 366 days. 730, 000 x 2/365= 4000 per day Menos

4000 units

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what if company in losses , dividend declaration

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Micron Technology

Why you want to work in Micron?

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Hello, so did you managed to get an update from Micron about your current application status? Mine is still pending as well Menos

Hi there. Yes, I managed to get an update from them after 3 to 4 weeks.

Hi there. I believe there will be more than 1 round for PIE position. Some of my friends managed to get PIE offer the next day after the second interview in June. But now, I am not sure. Maybe they changed the interview method. Menos

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Micron Technology

Introduce yourself Strengths and weaknesses Explain your FYP

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What is the status of your job ? Did you get the offer? Your requisition ID ?

Have you gotten any updates from them yet?

Did you get a reject email from them? Like how you know you are rejected?

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Intel Corporation

What happens if a tool is defected 10% of the time. You want to take it off the line, but the technician doesn't want to take it off the line. What do you do?

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Start by assuming the technician is correct...he works with the machine more than you do. Then determine numerically if defective 10% of the time costs more money than it would be to take the tool off the line for the period required for repairs. Menos

Convince the technician with all the data you've accumulated OR if that doesn't work, talk to your group leader Menos

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