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Se le preguntó a Polymer Engineer…25 de febrero de 2017

your previous job

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just answer according to your experience

Greene Tweed

Tell me about your self

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1. Replied my experience and education. => My work responsibilities

Greene Tweed

2. Asked in detail what was responsibilities 3. Technical question on a polymer formulation

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Answers 2. Detailed responsibilities 3. Described main component of the typical formulation May be my response was too much detailed and greater responsibilities then needed => bigger responsibility than senior engineer sitting in interview. Senior engineer did not asked any question. Showed my willingness to re-locate Menos

Applied Medical

They asked about my skills in Solidworks and how well I understand it.


How to solve teamwork problem

TE Connectivity

What made me want to join that specific team in TE


What is the big challenge in your career?


What experience did I have with polymers?


How important is it for you to work in a team?


Do you have experience dealing with customers.

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