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Air Canada
Se le preguntó a Paralegal…3 de febrero de 2017

What is the most creative situtation you had to deal with a client?

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I am need work permit or permanent resident please help me to I am in Tamil Nadu India help me Menos

I will be work on your company if possible

I think I can do the job please help me , I am working before London 10 year ago but I am at the illegal work on more than 7 your at the time I need work for you company work visa or permanent resident please help me thanks Menos

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Prince Georges County Public Schools (MD)
Se le preguntó a Paralegal…19 de septiembre de 2018

Why should we hire you?

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I’m an experienced pgcps employee who is already familiar with our AP’s and processes. Menos

I’m good with my hands am better with kids I like first impression is a must an I will always have the school at its best looking aspects all around Menos

Thank you for the opportunity for the he application. I won’t disappoint you

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Thomas J. Henry Law, PLLC

Tell me about your personal injury and litigation experience.

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Sounds very familiar

I was sent to HR for what I was told a meeting instead they advised testing. I was fine with testing into they hand me 5 timed test with very poor copying, you could tell if it was a smudge mark or comma. The testing was poorly set up, I would say with the quality of testing you get what you pay for. I have tested at other firms with much more quality and I would add much more pay. Menos

I got the same horrible paper test! What a way to be an example. The computer test was okay, it honestly didn’t seem like much of a test, but those timed ones were unprofessional. Menos

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Fletchers Solicitors

I was asked Why I wanted the job, what 3 words would other people use to describe me and I was also asked how I would deal with a pressurised situation and to give an example of when I have had to do so previously.

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I have 20 years experience in establishing and working in clinical routine, molecular and biochemical genetic laboratory I want to close my lab in Iran due to political problems and come back to UK to my family in Cheshire Menos

I had a lots of financial due to Iranian currency devaluation pressure in my newborn screening lab in Iran for two years and now I have to close the lab. Menos

I had a lots of financial due to Iranian currency devaluation pressure in my newborn screening lab in Iran for two years and now I have to close the lab. Menos

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Se le preguntó a Paralegal…21 de noviembre de 2016

What do you do in your free time? Basically nothing substantive

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Scrolling insta

watching horror movie or action movies

Interviewed 6 FAANG employees and got this:

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J.P. Morgan

What experience do you have that is directly related to this position?

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Investment banks and investment management. Unlimited coverage.

I have been in the legal service business for over 30 years.

I interned in my father’s law firm for two years during college, learning how to do legal research and writing. Menos

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U.S. Bank
Se le preguntó a Paralegal…3 de septiembre de 2018

Why US bank?

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How did you apply in person??through website or reference?


This is an interesting read:

Wyndham Destinations

A little bit of everything, but definitely how to prioritize work when everyone wants something done immediately. Specific questions related to the duties and responsibilities of the job.

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Stay calm and stay present.

Smile and get it done to the best of your ability.

Stay organized.


They were very interested in what programs/software I have worked on.

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If you interview with them, be sure to recall what the names of the specific programs you have worked with. I recalled most of them, but not all (a couple of my firms changed software and I've had a few programs that I worked on under an as-needed basis). Menos

Trust me you don't want to work there!

Why would someone not want to work there?

Walt Disney Company

Do you have negotiation experience?

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No I do not.

No I do no

I want to continius the interviews

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