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Canada Drives
Se le preguntó a Outbound Sales Representative…30 de abril de 2017

Are you okay with working 12 hours a day 7 days a week?

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Yes I will

I can do any work


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Norwegian Cruise Line

What are you long term / short term goals?

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I have learned that long-term goals are best achieved when I break them into shorter goals. My short-term goal is to find a position that will place me in a forward-moving company with solid performance and future projections. As part of a team, I want to add value and continue to grow the company. Menos

10 months to 1year

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will i have a problem lifting 50lbs and walking 10 miles a day.

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I can lift more then 50 lbs

I can walk 10mils a day

I walk 2 miles a day so was unsure here

Trailhead Marketing

He then asked if I had any questions? MY QUESTION: Do you offer any benefits?

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They don't have any.

The bonus structure is the main benefit. Looks like u may have missed this most important benefit. Since i started ive been making between 800-$1500 PER WEEK. There are others who make more. And i dont have much sales experience. Fantastic opportunity. Menos

He answered no benefits that they have less than 50 employees and for medical insurance you can go on the government site and apply on there and it is all based on your income, he then goes on to tell me he use to sell insurance and that you can get the government insurance on your own for about $300, but is based on your income. I then go on to ask so it is based on your income? You are saying that someone that makes $100,000 a year with your company can go and get onto government medical for just $300 a month? he says yes, I pay that for my medical insurance from the governemtn. That I know is totally not correct because I know personally what it cost. Then he goes medical is a lot like 401K programs where your are paying your employer for a retirement plan and you make no money that way. I was like my employer actually matches up to 6% and it is great program to have. He then goes to tell me to go to Robin Hood stock trading because you pay no fees and you can save money. We both agreed I would be happier where I am working and to not move on further with their interview process then I left. Menos

TSA Telco Group

You will be provided with a random topic for a role play.

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hi there, what was the interview like?and what is the role play about?i have an interview tomorrow, such a short notice and i am freaking out. Menos

Hi there.. It is very easy.. Sometimes they give you a scenario and you have to think of how to handle them. Very easy to get in be confident and be friendly Menos

HomeServe UK

Give me an example when you dealt with a difficult customer, how did you handle it?

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At first i have to earn his/her trust. After it that person can easily agree with my all condition Menos

Gave an example of when I ahd in a previous role, showed patience, understanding, calmness Menos


What was your weakness?

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Krypton it


How have you dealt with failure in the past?

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Work hard, stay focused, think long term, and use the resources around you to persevere and ultimately succeed. Menos

This looks so good:

Penske Truck Leasing

What is flow?

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a steady continuous stream or supply of something

Flow is a movement from one place to another in a steady stream

Stanley Black & Decker

Explain a difficult situation when you disagreed with a peer and how did you resolved the disagreement.

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Elevated the decision to supervisor, explained situation and reasoning, and accepted supervisor's decision. Menos

Found excellent read:

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