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Se le preguntó a Medical Office Receptionist…16 de mayo de 2016

Explain your Previous experience in an office.

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Explained previous experience.

This will be my first office experience but I'm willing to learn & I believe I'll be the perfect fit for the team/company Menos

Mayfield Robotics

Why do you feel you're a good fit for this position?

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(None of the questions surprised me...I don't have much to add here.)

Marin Community Clinics

What did I learn (at a previous position)?

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That their clients are usually those who need access to the specialized care need the intimate and personal that organizations like (previous employer) provide. Menos

Spring Venture Group

They asked me what my core values were.

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I answered the question honestly and tied it into the core values Spring Venture Group has. (These values can be found online and worth a glance over!) Menos

Automation Anywhere

Tell me something about you and your past experience.

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I gave a short details about me and spoke about what I did at my last position and pointed out things I thought the hiring manager needed to know that related to the job I was applying for. Menos

JTI - Japan Tobacco International

Are you comfortable with long hours?

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I am.

Why you have left previous job?

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I was doing temporary job and my job was not secure so i left that job.


Barely any. Desmond just wanted to get through the interview quick. And simply verify skill levels for Microsoft programs.

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Proficient in all, intermediate in Quickbooks.

Monument Health

How I would handle others that were not doing their part of the job

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I would kindly approach them and talk to them to try and understand their reasoning, help them to understand the need for teamwork as well as individuals work ethics. Menos

One of the male Chiropractor's asked me if I was or was planning on becoming pregnant (illegal to ask). What medications I was currently taking (illegal to ask). What my Mother does for a living (not illegal, but just weird to ask). Also said to me "there seems to be a delay in your answers" (i.e. I was slow), told him I was trying to think about my answers before I blurted them out since this was an interview... Sorry I was taking up too much of your precious time!

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We are sorry the interview did not go as you wanted. We wish you the best for the future. Menos

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