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Se le preguntó a Senior MEMS Engineer…30 de julio de 2013

How is the inner adhesion potential generally taken into account in the Lennard Jones models?

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This is a garden path question. In short, it is a heuristic model with physics developed as an afterthought and purely empirical. Menos

The questions were about the Design, FEM and testing procedure for the MEMS and Gyroscope devices!

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I answered most of questions because it was my PhD project!


How do you want others to describe you?

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Problem solver


Do you have experience in fabriation ?


General question about MEMS process accelerometers and gyro.

Analog Devices

MEMS basics (dynamics and operation), IC circuitry, PLL, experience on projects, troubleshooting problems, Characterization techniques


Questions on MEMS fabrication processes and tools used.


Any comment on your own opinions about product and related research experience.


Ask basic technical questions. Have strong fundamentals. Be prepared to solve problems on Camera


Equation of motion for a 2DOF system

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