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Se le preguntó a Medical Service Engineer…13 de octubre de 2012

A nurse called you that a monitor in the OR is not working. How do you troubleshoot it in a time critical environment?

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The key is to isolate the problem. Check for power, followed by cables, followed by replacing the monitor with another one. Menos

MediSys Edutech

How would you manage the content development requirements?

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I was nervous.. I replied that I have a keep interest and I keep updating my knowledge. I believe they need people due to high employee turnover so they hire everyone cause they are nothing paying anyone due to cash crunch. Menos

Glocal Healthcare Systems Private Limited

earthing, grounding etc

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Why I wanted to work at there company.

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I told them that the type of work was in my area of study.


Are you ok with traveling 75 percent of the time?

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Depends on where.

Glocal Healthcare Systems Private Limited

introduce yourself ?

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tell about family


Why choose Materialise to work?

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I love it!

specification job criteria

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medicalequipment engineer(technitions)

FUJIFILM Medical Systems

Networking terminology as well as situational handling.

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Correctly as I was picked over many, so obviously agreed with situational handling and portfolio. In Las Vegas, NV Menos

Glocal Healthcare Systems Private Limited

goal in 1 year.

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what you want to achieve in three years

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