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Se le preguntó a Materials Engineer…25 de junio de 2022

Why you chose this subject?

Form Energy

A mix of typical interview questions and more specific technical questions, regarding resume items and applying previous experience/knowledge to job-relevant situations.


Asked about my past experiences and school


they ask about a problem and give you options to chose which is the possible reason for it

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The questions are distributed in different topics: cell-focused, materials, and materials charaterisation Menos


Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? Do you really want to work here? What can you contribute?

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I told them I envision myself to be able to rise and lead and inspire my future colleagues. Menos

General Motors (GM)

What is your experience with management of parts for pre-series vehicle?


It was technical questions but I forgot what it was since the interview was like 1 year ago.


How does your research relate to production?

Joby Aviation

They didn’t answer to my email

Pratt & Whitney

How would your Friends Describe you

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