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Se le preguntó a Manufacturing Manager…28 de julio de 2022

I do not recall exactly the questions, but they asked me to run a production scheduling simulation.

Sirtex Medical

"As a manager, how have you addressed inclusivity in the workplace?"

Bio Products Laboratory

Tell me about yourself ?


Culture based question, nothing crazy just around the JD

Beyond Meat

Overview of past experience, why I'd like to work at Beyond, specific questions about manufacturing KPIs


First round- phone screen with the recruiter to ensure your background aligns with the job Second round- 45 minutes interview with the hiring manager. Not too technical, mostly focused on behavioral questions (scenario based) Third round- onsite. First 45 minutes with 2 team members. Again not technical and mostly focused on scenario based and behavioral style. Then 45 minutes lunch with other team members (very informal and casual). The last 45 minutes was with the COO. Similar question about past experience, some what technical but mainly scenario based.

Ledge Lounger

How do you forecast volume?

Brompton Bicycle

Experience Dealing with people What you like doing for fun

Procter & Gamble

Tell me about a time you came into a team and took over which lead to a quantifiable positive impact?

Dexter Magnetic Technologies

Insisted on a salary expectation, which i won't do.

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