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Se le preguntó a Legal : Group Advisor…1 de octubre de 2012

Why do you want this job ?

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I feel this is illogical, for single parents. One has to earn for every thing in daily requirements. Menos

Private Trust

Whether you know laws governing project management

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Yes with experience

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Are you married?

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No .. I am single

International Committee of the Red Cross


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Do you have children?

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Se le preguntó a Legal Advisor…30 de diciembre de 2020

How will you generate work for your self?

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It went pretty well, interviewer was really impressed, as a response i said if in case i am not able to generate work for me, or is able to make the company legally protected, then I'll consider it to be a fault in me rather than of company 's Menos

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If a person visited your parent's house, what would that person say?

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Good family

Se le preguntó a Legal Advisor…2 de septiembre de 2020

How I would handle conflict with another employee

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Speak up and attempt to resolve the issue in order for us to keep doing our work. Sooner than later. Menos

Government of Puerto Rico
Se le preguntó a Legal Advisor…23 de septiembre de 2013

usually they will ask typical interview questions

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Saludos, Recientemente me juramente como abogado y notario. Me encuentro buscando empleo. Menos


What are the legislative process? What reforms are necessary in justice and judicial system.

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Explained with details the steps in the legislative process. Explained in details the shortcomings and challenges of the justice and judicial sector and provided alternatives and solutions. Menos

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