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Se le preguntó a Laser Engineer…7 de octubre de 2017

Have many years have you been this industry.

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There were all general interview questions. They just wanted to know me more.


My knowledge in lasers Nd:Yag and my research experience

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With my experience in laser technology and trying to give the most precisly info in order to show my profile match good with the expectations. Menos

Intel Corporation

How I overcame a challenge when I was doing research in grad school

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I explained the solutions that I thought of at that time and explained that I succesfully solved the problem. Menos

Videojet Technologies

Do you have any military background?

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Photonics Industries

What are three things that make your code better?

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Modularity, clarity, and simplicity.

Sightpath Medical

Salary expectations. Asked about my comfort with travel and time alone.

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I responded with my salary expectations, and they were very receptive to them.

Photonics Industries

How does a laser work?

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It works through stimulated emission of photons (explain the full process).

Photonics Industries

Why do you want to work with lasers?

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lasers are the future, all industries are going to be moving to them, the age of electronic based communications is over, fiber is the future. Menos


What does mode-locked mean in relation to laser physics.

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I described what mode-locking was.


Experience questions/ CV questions/ How mode-lock laser works? / How solid state laser works?

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