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Se le preguntó a Clinical Lab Scientist…10 de agosto de 2017

Are you capable of working on your own?

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KaVo Kerr

When can you start?

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I'll need a couple of weeks.

Creative Testing Solutions

How do you handle high stress environment?

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Working retail, high stress environment does not bother me.


Technical questions about molecular biology

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answered the best I could


how are you doing today

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Analog Devices

They asked about projects I had mentioned on my resume and asked me to explain them in great detail. Their other questions sprang from comments I made in my explanations.

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Unfortunately, the answers only applied to me.

Amneal Pharmaceuticals

What are the most important integration parameters?

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Explained nearly every parameter, a couple that were the most important ones but a few that were lesser important ones but still worked. Menos

Eurofins Scientific

The communication style I prefer

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Told him a story from my graduate program to illustrate

KaVo Kerr

We have no relocation support, will that be a problem?

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Maryland Department of Health

Public health questions, how do u use this instrument? What to do if a competency test is wrong? About the job questions.

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I used past experience as examples.

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