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K Logic
Se le preguntó a Global Account Manager…22 de septiembre de 2018

The interview was very conversational.

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There were many professional and generic questions.


Ability to work from virtual office.

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I have for over twenty years


Tell me about a time where you faced a sales challenge or obstacle.

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Mentioned working with difficult clients, or needy customers, where I had to work longer hours and be available to ensure they were taken care off. Menos


How would I get new partners for Masergy?

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Leveraging my network, social media and good old fashioned cold calling/email campaigns Menos


why you wish to work here. explain the market were in

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what motivates me to go to work every day?

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Knowing I will be able to be in contact with the customer and providing them with a top good quality of service and myself. Menos

Club Quarters

How do you start the selling process. What are the first steps you would take.

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I explained how I went about selling in my current role.

DB Schenker

Are you willing to re-locate? Will you take on accounts # 1-5? Will you stay for minimum 2 years? What are the top 3 locations you would like to re-locate to?

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Yes, I will and am willing to stay longer as long as it is challenging

Cogent Communications

Can you thrive in fast paced work culture.?

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Tell me about a time when you had to struggle with uncertainty

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I described experiences with my previous sales job and the economic downturn (2008) Menos

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