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Reynolds and Reynolds
Se le preguntó a Entry Level IT Systems Engineer…2 de marzo de 2016

If 6 men can do a piece of work in 14 days, how many men are needed to do the work in 21 days?

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The correct answer is actually 4. It takes one person 84 days to do a piece of work (6 times 14), so it would take 4 men to do it in 21 days. Menos

Challenge that to Reynolds & Reynolds. This was their answer from the answers sheet. Menos

14days / 21days = x men / 6 men x = 4 men

Nexteer Automotive

what has been your greatest engineering achievement so far in your career

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I talked about my senior design project and how to related to this position.

National Security Agency

Explain a time you had to overcome an issue as a team member.

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Explain a specific project, specific problem with a team member or client, and a positive outcome. Such as having to put in extra work outside of the deliverables to compensate for additional work you thought necessary. Menos


What steps would you take to troubleshoot a blue screen?

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Check the cable

General Dynamics

Tell us about your leadership experience.

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I was captain of my track team for two years, a Resident Advisor for the same time, and I tend to fill that role when working in teams if I feel like i am familiar enough with the topic to justify instructing others. Menos


What's the funniest joke/story you have?

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Reading this question

Saab Group

Technical question about my school project.

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I started with how I applied system engineering processes and SysML.

Check Point Software Technologies

What is the port for DNS?


Walk me through your resume. Tell me about a time you had a leadership position?

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