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Angstrom Engineering
Se le preguntó a Electrical Designer/Controls Specialist…3 de marzo de 2016

Typical interview questions ranging from breakdown of resume to describe what former supervisor would say about you. Plus salary expectation question

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To perform at the interview you need to know the salary range for the position.I answered that question poorly. Menos

Thank you for the feedback, normally we do take the candidate's schedule into consideration. Sometimes our hiring and resume review process takes longer than expected. We take the extra time throughout the process to ensure we have the best candidate for the position. Best of luck in your job search. Menos

M+W Group

What previous projects and responsibilities did I have at my previous employer.

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Provided the essential information relative to the job in question

Gayner Engineers

They asked about my previous interning experience and what I learned from it.

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I told them about my previous experience at my internship. AutoCAD and Revit seemed to be a huge plus. Menos

Tetra Tech

They asked me about my past work experience and I had to take a cad test in one of their computers

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I told them about my education and past jobs. The cad test was pretty easy

Tetra Tech

Asked me mostly about previous experience in detail. So prepare well and organize well what you are going to say when they ask you something on Resume

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Hi, Were there any specific questions you remember they asked you about? I have my Interview coming up so trying to get all the help I can get Menos

Air Products

Name which standards are used in substation earthing design. Also name standards and procedures used to design/prepare Hazardous area classification, Substation equipment layout, underground and aboveground raceway design, lighting, schematic, SLD, wiring diagram.

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Explain the procedure or design standards as required. Demonstrated on paper with examples. Menos


Technical knowledge based on electrical industry.

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explain the situation/technical bases.


What are your key strengths

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Patience and working well under pressure

Alabama Power

What do I know about Southern Company?

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Southern Company is one of the leading power utility company in the Southeast

Tata Consultancy Services (North America)

CAD questions, work experience

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Basics of CAD

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