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Teva Pharmaceuticals
Se le preguntó a Device Development Engineer…4 de mayo de 2022

Describe how you manage conflict in the workplace.

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I deal with conflict by first listening to people's point of view or grievance and then work to come to a compromise to benefits everyone Menos


Not related to job profile

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Don’t waste your time here..You are lucky if you get screened properly

Intel Corporation

Subject related questions depending on job description

Micron Technology

P-n junction diode, MOSCAP, SOI transistors

Tower Semiconductor

Semiconductor Device Physics -MOSFETS, BJTS, DIODES, and band diagram


Current responsibilities and how I effectively manage myself

Western Digital

Semiconductor device physics, MOSFET, NAND flash structure (how to write and erase), reliability issues, introduce yourself, previous research, behavior questions, program/data analysis questions. Prepare your own questions.


All questions are related to the job description

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Go through job description and make sure you have enough knowledge on the requirements. Menos

Micron Technology

1) Introduce yourself 2) Explain PhD work (didn’t allow to use slides and had to explain orally) 3) MOS CV chara for LF, HF, different temperature, substrate bias, replacing n+ poly gate with p+ poly, and when source drain terminals are added. 4) Short channel effects: What is DIBL, How to quantify it, How to reduce it 5) What is GIDL, What is the mechanism, How to reduce it (thicker oxide and wide bandgap drain). 6) A tank with two pipes A and B. A can fill it in 8 hours. B can empty it in 16 hours. When both are turned on, how long will it take to fill?


What did you do in National Service?

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