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Forever 21
Se le preguntó a Design Assistant…9 de septiembre de 2011

What is the rate that you are looking for?

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Oh 100% accurate they pay terribly for assistants not even close to being livable in LA do not get taken advantage of Menos

I said, $16-$18 hr. She literally laughed at me.

That is an accurate summation of how they regard wages. I received a wage increase (after two years working here) from $13 to $19. And at $19, it was literally unprecedented for someone in my department to earn "that much." They remind me to be very grateful for it. Menos


What would you do if you had a difficult customer and how would you handle the situation?

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I would try my best to meet them half way to their idea. I would also say, "what could I do for you"? Menos

First try and defuse the difficult situation make the customer gee a ease Talk clearly and slowly. Listen to the customer Menos

TTC (Toronto Transit Commission)

You have moved to a new office, both your neighbour and you do not have internet connection. What would you do, what are your steps.

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I am not sure but is this that kind of questions that you need to answer something like "interact with your co-workers and voice through to create a strong teamwork environment"? Menos

Do you actually get a rejection mail or update from TTC if you are not selected. I gave an interview a month back but haven't heard back from them yet. How long does it really take to hear back from them after the interview. Menos

Arhaus Furniture

What makes you qualified for this job?

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My education and experience in the design world

You just dodged a bullet my friend.

Elizabeth McKay

Who is someone you are inspired by?

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Oscar De La Renta

Colin Cowie

What are your design strengths for this Job?

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Interior Design Experience from styling and decor, as well as technical knowledge of software such as AutoCad and Adobe Creative Suite. Menos

What does design mean to you?

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I explained my personal design process and how I think through my design work.


briefly spoke about cv and about myself. What designers I like and what value I can add to the company

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Through my cv and applied skills relieved to job application. Asked challenging questions at the end. Menos

What interested you about GreenPlay, and the industry?

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Before I could answer, the interviewer absent kindly answered FOR me by making her voice sound like a goofy/ caricature and said "I don't knooooowww." -Perhaps she forgot to mute her phone. Perhaps she determined prematurely that that was my level of intellect. Nonetheless, I found it disturbing and quite insulting for anyone to act this way during a professional interview. I decidedly wrapped things up myself by thanking her for her time. Menos


What is your spirit animal?

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