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Se le preguntó a Creative Designer…1 de agosto de 2022

Please describe your design process


You’re assigned a project that you’ve never done before, and have very little experience doing. What is your initial feeling, and what’s your process to getting to a successful completion?


1. Tell us about yourself and your background. 2. Why are you interested in the role? 3. What skills can you bring to the organisation?


Create a presentation showing us one of your favorite rebrand projects you've completed and the outcomes.

Dorchester Collection

What is your experience for the role applied?

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Experience to date


Where do you see yourself in 5 Years?


Tell me about a time


1. Send me the test 2. Why did you choose that design style? 3. Do you know anything about the company? 4. Which company have you worked for? 5. Are you still working at your current company? 6. Where do you major in?

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1. I took the test and sent it back 2. I choose the design style because I have consulted and researched the product to choose the right style for the product. 3. I learned about the company through the web and linkedin 4. I used to work for Lotte Mart, Authority Media Gurus, GSShop. 5. I am still working now and my last day working on 25th may. 6. I graduated from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HUTECH). Menos


No geral as entrevistas são tranquilas e sobre meu trabalho atual, experiências, objetivos, o que gosto de fazer, etc. Algumas etapas são em inglês.


To be open to challenges, adaptability and clear communication by all means possible as they're a Remote-only company.

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Very confidently and very clearly I suppose.

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