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Rebel Athletic
Se le preguntó a Creative Designer…3 de mayo de 2017

Most of the questions relate to your design skills and previous experience. The only question that I was completely thrown off by was "are you planning on having children?" The interviewer asked this in a casual way when asking other 'get to know you' questions, but I immediately was alarmed that it was asked.

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Due to laws of discrimination in the workforce in the US, asking that question, if you plan on having children is 100% illegal to ask. Menos

I answered honestly and told the interviewer that children were in my future but not immediately. Menos

That’s an odd question to ask in an interview, I didn’t even think they were allowed to ask such questions due to discrimination laws. Menos

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Estée Lauder Companies

Why are you interested in working at Estée Lauder Companies?

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Its feels great to work with such a good & huge brand.. feel achieved something best in my life.. Menos

Would you be able to work as an Art Director and as a Copywriter for a junior graphic designer?

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Orange Bus

Do you want the job?

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Yes, Yes I do...

Weill Cornell Medical College

Tell us about yourself.

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Gave a short biography of my upbringing.

Geek Creative Agency

What is your previous experience?

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Which position do you prefer?

Interactive Avenues

Design process

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briefly explained them about it.

Zenergy Communications

Why are you leaving your current employer?

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Looking for new opportunities, looking for a company where they is opportunity for growth. Menos

Rebel Athletic

If I was willing to work unreasonable hours. They said it was normal for Designers to work until 11 pm at night and on weekends.

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I said I was willing. I am quite passionate about my art and my work, and I would be willing to do what was necessary to get the job done. Menos


They asked about previous experience, I can't really remember the questions but they at least seemed tailored to my resume and experience

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I answered honestly and confidently

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