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Se le preguntó a Corrosion Engineer…10 de octubre de 2018

Why Shell ?

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Looking for career progression and a good company to work for


Háblame de tu experiencia laboral

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Hable sobre mis 6 años de experiencia y cual fueron mis logros en esos años.

Aramco Overseas

Why Aramco?

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Because of its keen interest for innovation

Saudi Aramco

What was the max hardness of X65 steel for sour service per NACE MR0175?

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400 BrNo


The put in front of me a real problem the were facing at another oil platform and asked for the solution.

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Revised all the reports and data and provided my assessment and recommendations.

Reliance Industries

Questions on Steel phase diagram, corrosion principles, welding, non-destructive testing techniques

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Elaborated on each topic in depth


Name these tools. (They were voltmeters, screwdrivers, hammer, channel locks, pliers, wrenches, and others)

I have no patience for tricky HR questions that are irrelevant and assess me but not on my job experience.


Case interview as I had no background in corrosion engineer

Reliance Industries

Various types of corrosion and about my projects

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