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Se le preguntó a Commercial Sales Representative…20 de mayo de 2022

Tell us about your experience.


What drives your or motivates you?


Why do you want to work at SAP specifically?

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What’s an example of somewhere you might look to sell to if it were your first day on the job?

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I said probably the newer strip mall across the street from me, I noticed they don’t have any parking lot cameras, so maybe I can get in touch with the property manager and inform them of our services. Menos


What drives you in sales They wanna know about your previous quotas you reached and achieved


tell me about a time you had to make a difficult choice.


You must execute their first meeting deck

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30 minute presentation

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How do you keep yourself organized?

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Tell me a bit about yourself?

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What is one difficulty you had faced and how did you overcome it?

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