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Se le preguntó a Commercial Sales Representative…23 de mayo de 2014

Multiple adverse situations in previous jobs and how they'd been handled

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Just be focused and report to your supervisor.

Situations like driving with an expired driver's license have to quickly addressed to your supervisor for surport. Menos

When your driving and come across police, you have to stop and listen to him/her. Menos


"Why should we hire you?"

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Because money is the person's life

What's your experience selling in the service industry?"


Give me an example of how you saved a potential cancellation account.

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I gave a real life example of a past experiece.

This is an interesting read:


why did you leave xerox?

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time for a change


who was the best manager / superior i worked for and why?

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The manager I had before leaving my first time. This person always stood beside me as my friend, behind me as my backup and in front of me to pave the way for my success. Menos

Working for customers striving for best solutions


Do you love sales?

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I love my family first, but yes I do love sales. I love the ability to make what I want to make based on my performance. It is like owning your own business. That is why I love sales Menos


What separates you from other candidates applying for this role?

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I have met and exceeded 100% of my monthly sales quota since I started sales.


Justed wanted to know computer skills, and previous successes and downfalls

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Brutal honesty

Protection 1

Are you willing to work on weekends?

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Batteries Plus Bulbs

I was asked if I was comfortable working from a home office and traveling in a specific territory. Also I was asked how I interacted with a variety of stakeholders in a business setting.

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I mentioned that I was accustomed to establishing an ongoing relationship and that in B2B setting, that often meant with several individuals within a client company, for instance engineering manager, owner, purchasing agent, accounts payable, installation technicians etc. Having a friendly, working relationship with all of the involved stakeholders allowed be to be a team member for the client. Menos

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