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Se le preguntó a Chemical Engineer Intern…5 de agosto de 2013

Nothing specific- they mostly value past experience, interest in industry, teamwork, knowledge of manufacturing environment.

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I had a previous coop experience

Monument Chemical

Are you willing to relocate

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What would you do to condense your distillate if you are in the middle of the dessert (100F) and you have no cooling water (which is the typical case)?

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He was very positive and respectful.


What's your favorite subject in school?

CONMED Corporation

Tell me about yourself, how did you get through a tough time


The technical question about a long pipe with elevation differences. What needed to be consider for building the pipeline. How would temperature affect it? What would its long length (~100 miles) affect it?

Marathon Petroleum

What do you do outside of class?


How did you solve X on your resume

Rockwell Automation

Tell me about yourself

Valero Energy

Are you ready to work outside the US?

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