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Honda Siel Cars India
Se le preguntó a Powertrain Calibration Engineer…5 de febrero de 2019

Do you have Honda Products?

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AfterTreatment e uso throttle motore diesel

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Ho elencato i principali elementi della linea di scarico di un motore diesel, fatto esempio di utilizzo della throttle in motore diesel Menos

FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

If I worked with calibration before.

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Yes, but in Base calibration.

Roush Industries

Can you elaborate on your previous (resume) experience?

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They ask a lot of questions based upon your resume. Mostly technical questions related to your experience. Menos

Ford Otosan

What could you improve yourself if you work here

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My desire is to improve knowledge about automotive industry as well as learn details of the internal combustion engines. It is my dream since childhood. Menos

Newfield Wireless

Explain OFDM? Explain EIRP difference with ERP?

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It was a very positive experience.

Millbrook Proving Ground

Terrible generic HR questions read off a sheet of paper, then a technical test consisting of obvious questions and 1 trick one.

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I was told they had better candidates, and a few weeks later the job is still advertised, no doubt for months to come like most engineering roles, possibly even years. Menos

Roush Industries

Most of the questions were based on theoretical engine concepts that I worked on during my school projects. Nothing difficult or twisted. There were a few questions on what kind of results I achieved in my project works.

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Just answered to the point; explaining my projects with a focus on the technical knowledge and skills I had to use. Menos


What is a double pointer in C++? If a 18kHz signal is sampled at 32kHz what will happen, what frequency will the signal appear as?

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A double pointer is a pointer to another pointer. The signal would alias to 14 kHz. This can be avoided with an analog anti-aliasing filter before the sampling occurs. Menos


Why did you apply for this role which is different from your current experience?

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To gain new experience and different challenges.

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