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Fresenius Medical Care - North America
Se le preguntó a Biomedical Equipment Technician…3 de octubre de 2017

how do you deal with pressure

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just assess the situation calmly & think about the outcome.

Pressure is in my nature

Take a deep breath, assess the situation, fix what i can and get help for situations that are getting out of control Menos

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HSS asks the basic questions that you encounter. They may ask you to give examples of your work history in certain situations.

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I’ve been a member of many C. E . R T teams including Ramsey Co. Sheriffs department, New Brighton dept. of Public Safety, and Falcon Heights Police Dept. I have been through extensive training to react to many types of situations, currently CPR & AED certified instructor, Skywarn certified. Pet safety certified. Have gone through training for bio weapon preparation for possible attacks from MN public safety. I have also attended multiple conventions with the Department of Homeland Security on security situations. Participated in several armed person in public situations events. Menos

Also I’m PADI Open water scuba instructor. Volunteers for the Red Cross, and am a volunteer Recovery Coach. Menos

Blood drawn

BPC Plasma

Do you work well in teams?

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Yes. Talk about how you've never had any problems with coworkers in the past, because you're bound to have some at this job and they want to know if you can handle it. Menos

Yes, I work well with others or by my self and keep myself busy either way.

BPC Plasma

What animal would you want to be?

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A bird. Talked about oversight it would have as well as it's ability to fly in groups or solo and still be successful. Menos

A Labrador retriever. If trained correctly, I could do almost anything, and I would be so happy to see my best friend after they got home. I would be able to work in a group to accomplish a goal where everyone knows their job and does it well to accomplish an end project. Most satisfying though, I would feel great at the end of a day whether inside or outside knowing that I had done an amazing job. Menos

BPC Plasma

What animal would I best describe or relate to

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Eagle was my answer

A dog 🐕

BPC Plasma

Are you able to work weekends?

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Yes, I have full availability on the weekends.

Yes, I am open to any weekend shift availability.

BPC Plasma

Name a time where you saw a coworker doing something wrong and what did you do about it.

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I asked the co-worker if they needed help with the task, and offered to show them a simpler yet still effective way of handling an irrate customer. Menos

I told them that I would ask if they needed help and if they kept doing it wrong that I would tell a manager to make sure they are doing it correctly. Menos

Fresenius Medical Care - North America

How would you go about documenting a specific repair?

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It's right

Fill out a repair report indicating 1) the complaint 2) checks and calibrations, replaced parts 3) record machine hours and no. 4) indicate your repair on the machine log kept in the machine Menos


Where do you see yourself 5 years from now.

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I guess it's typical for the Clinical Engineering department to hire unqualified candidates since you were given an offer and even YOU didn't feel like you were qualified. I am more qualified than any candidate they have and probably most of their current employees, yet I was not offered the position because they felt I lived too far. Just goes to show the level of competency of the management. Menos

That's unfortunate. The benefits were outstanding, but you are correct, the competency of management leaves alot to be desired. Menos


How do you see yourself in 10 years?

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I find myself working in the medical field in 10 years. I am just searching for my niche Menos

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