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Se le preguntó a Biomedical Equipment Technician I…20 de julio de 2021

Do you prefer working solo or in groups and why?

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I prefer groups. The field is multidisciplinary and cross functional group calibration can only add to the quality of clinical service provided Menos

Cleveland Clinic

How many years of experience do you have with biomedical equipment repair? Are you willing to do the work for a little above min. wage? Are you willing to relocate for min wage?

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Awkward silence, and then hang up phone.

American Red Cross

would you take a lower pay....

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i did


How /why did you choose biomedical Engineer as your major?

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Biomedical Clinical Equipment is challenging in as much as it deals with almost all medical equipment used in medicine such as in diagnosis ,treatment and cure. Menos


What would you contribute if offered this job?


Despite my experience as a math and engineering tutor in college, they repeatedly posed questions about my time as a student lounge supervisor. A few times in, drawing me off my discussion about tutoring, I had to rather forcefully tell them I was essentially a babysitter and take the topic back to tutoring.

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