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Se le preguntó a Biomechanics Quality Engineer…12 de agosto de 2021

Explain something technical to me in two minutes.

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I explained beer brewing by holding up a notebook and drawing the process over Webex. Menos

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Why did you not get a 4.0 in your classes?

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They don't expect you to be perfect but expect to learn about whether or not you push yourself to do more than just academics. Menos

Trek Bicycle

Tell us about your experience as a researcher? Can you explain to me what an IMU is? Can you explain to me what EMG is and how it’s used?


How would you design a study to determine headphone comfort?


Are you comfortable with having to communicate new concepts to different teams?

Sanford Health

Why should we hire you? Customer-service based questions


C++ and simulation knowledge. Asked some standard C++ questions, but did not give a coding test.

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