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Memorial Hermann Health System
Se le preguntó a Art Director - Project Manager…2 de octubre de 2013

Truly none that I can remember. It's been 6 years.

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They just asked me to present my experience related to the job. Not really hard because it was a very entry-level job.

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The interviewers described the job duties first. Then I knew talking about which part of my experience would fit their interests. Menos

Novo Arts

Was asked how I could handle doing marketing and presentations for the business. An additional skill needed fur the position.

Lantz-Boggio Architects PC

Because you'll have to deal with multiple personalities asking for various tasks, they'll want to know about your multitasking experience, ability to cater to multiple personality types, and most importantly, they'll want to know how you deal with mundane tasks (like reading over hundreds of pages of government contract / proposals).

Novo Arts

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