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Se le preguntó a Business Analyst/Account Manager (Sam's Or Shoppers)…19 de marzo de 2009

You consider yourself a strongly analytical person, yet did not name it as one of your strengths.

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I consider it to be a given, part of my curious nature.


Almost a case scenario: what would you tell Wal-Mart if you needed to "kill" a brand in a certain line and had no funds to support promos, etc

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Gave them different ideas for handling the account, using the company stand on the issue, as well as creative ideas to continue supporting the line until it is gone. Menos


What are your thoughts on the current technological trends in the marketplace and how we can utilize it for our benefit in this role?


Why are you interested in this position? Why specifically CSR?


Aptitude test (1 hour I think?): - General aptitude - Number pattern spotting - Picture pattern spotting - Logic puzzles IF YOU WANT TO DO WELL PRACTICE MENSA PAPERS - time yourself too


A lot about my resume, excel skills, and my understanding of the position. They wanted to make sure I was a good fit for the position and company.


Qué skill te parece clave para este tipo de negocio


What did you do before this? What are your interests?

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