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Tinker AFB
Se le preguntó a Aerospace Engineer…23 de diciembre de 2019

Describe your leadership experiences and how you would handle a difficult situation.

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I explained my experience and described 3 situations and how I would handle each one. Menos

RIX Industries

Do you have any mechanical engineering experience?

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Yes, and I went on to describe it

US Navy

Technical question about airfoils

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With a technical response

NASA Glenn Research Center

which is raising first sun or moon?

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both are present but because of sun light moon is not visible in the morning times Menos


An interview was not required for the position I was offered. Within the online application portal, the most difficult essay question was, "Please describe how an opportunity at NASA fits in with your interests. (limit to 250 words)."

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I took this opportunity to highlight my undying passion for science and learning. A huge part of NASA's Education mission is to cultivate the next generation of minds. I talked about my ambitions and what compels me toward the science industry. I also talked about what this opportunity would mean for me and how I would promote the same ideals that were important to the administration. Menos

Answer Engineering

Tell me about some of the projects you have worked on

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I told them about multiple of my personal projects and ones that I have completed for school Menos

Go Ape

What experience do you have in your particular field?

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Bachelor's degree and 6 years of experience


Name three other companies you'd like to work for.

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I was honest and told them who I wanted to work for. At the time these were also aerospace companies. Menos

Capgemini Engineering

The normal questions, I guess: why do you want to leave your current company, what do you expect from Altran, salary expectations, etc.

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I answered truthfully. I didn't try to oversell myself.

Paragon Space Development

The questions were fairly straight forward. However they were very specific to the role and to my resume. They just want to know what you can do. They don't try to pull one over on you by asking you any annoying riddles or anything like that.

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If you know your stuff and are honest you'll be fine.

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