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Absolute Security
Se le preguntó a Data Entry Clerk and Administrative Assistant…13 de mayo de 2015

Are you OK with drug test and background check? Can you use copier, fax, phone and computer?

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Answered "Yes", there was nothing to further elaborate on



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City of Opelika

None. Experience and skills were the key factor in obtaining employment.

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I have applied for different administrative position and I can't even get in to get an interview. I have been in the administrative position for over 10+ years and I have never applied for a job that I have not even got an interview for. I have worked as an administrative job in Chicago area, LA area, doctors offices and Magnet hospitals. Plus, my husbands company built a plant here in Opelika, AL and I can't even get an interview. I am just wondering what they actually look for? You are correct it's who you know not what you know I have figured that out after over a year and a half of applying. Menos

Some positions require a skills test. All employment opportunities are online at city site. Menos

Mollen Immunization clinics

none - strickly evaluated based on job performance as a temp

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none - strickly evaluated based on job performance as a temp

None, the company lacks a concrete HR department, they hire anyone that walks in the door and any nurse with a valid license. They are however, one of the worst organizations to work for. Menos

City of Kirkland

Why should we hire you?

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Because I want this job the most.

The Cincinnati Insurance Company

What was my highest level of education.

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I have a Associates of Science

Mountain Air Country Club

How I handle deadlines and staying on target

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I answered by saying that prioritize the list of tasks and try not to get too focused on details. Menos


Why you choose this company ?

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To showcase my current skills in the challenging company

Panda Restaurant Group

Which one of the 7 habits is most relevant to you?

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Make sure you study the 7 habits beforehand!

Venture Steel

What do you know about Venture Steel?

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I did some research about the company before the interview, what it does and the types of products it produces and then presented that material when they asked me about the company. Menos

General Dynamics Electric Boat

All the standard interview questions. Study online interview questions and you will do fine.

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I answered everything in a positive upbeat manner, and asked them to repeat the question a few times on the long questions so that I could make sure I answered all of the question. When you're nervous your brain just doesn't work that great. :) Menos

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