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Capelli NY
Se le preguntó a Accessories Designer…25 de julio de 2011

why do you want to work here

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i have vast experience in packaging & accessories design

Haddad Brands

Do you feel confident moving from apparel design to accessories design?

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Lupo Barcelona

Beschreiben Sie Ihre Kollektionen.

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Ich habe die Kollektionen beschrieben und Prototype gezeigt.

Encuentro (Spain)

Why are you leaving your current job?

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I am here to check the possibilities for professional growth that I can have working in your company. I am no longer being challenged at my current position. Menos

Ralph Lauren

About current job and respondinilities

asked about previous employment also asked about skills and how it would apply to this position he also told me what the job duties would include

Anya Hindmarch

Which company that you have worked for previously do you relate to the most?

Anya Hindmarch

Tell me a bit about yourself?

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