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Got an email saying they found me. Then I applied online for Data Engineer positions. I got contacted by a recruiter by email where she explained the process. The first step is a hacker rank test (3 exercises) and she recommends to do your best since that test is going to determine your salary. She asks when is the best time to send the hacker rank link but doesn't provide the limit time to answer the test, you have to ask or if you are reading this, you have 3 days to complete the test. I got the link, made it for 1 exercise and then tried with the third (skipped second). Couldn't complete the third nor the second. After one day I got an email saying that my test wasn't satisfactory and that they know people will keep improving so they asked to keep applying. They don't specify the time you have to wait to apply again.

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  • Hacker Rank 1: SQL query. Having a table with a column of amounts TV_2011 (or something like that) and amounts of TV_2012, latitude and longitude, make a sum of the 2012 amounts with some conditions: 1. Take the TV_2012 amount only if there is another TV_2011 amount similar to the one in the row being evaluated. 2. Don't take amounts TV_2012 amounts if there is a duplicated location (latitude, longitude). The sum should be rounded to 2 decimals.
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  • Hacker Rank 2: Regex Some email regex
  • Hacker Rank 3: Oh surprise, more regex. (I'm just joking, I can't remember the title but let's called file processing). Given a text file containing network connections information (space separated) like this: something - - "GET something something" [another thing with spaces in the middle] 4500 where: something = first column - = second column - = third column "Get something...." = forth column and so on. The last column, 4500 represents the number of bytes transmitted. You need to filter the records where a number of bytes are bigger than 5000 and the sum of bytes of those records.
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