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-Atlanta, GA


If you had turned your cell phone to silent, and it rang really loudly despite it being on silent, what would you tell me?

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With technology today you would think my phone would know that I am in an interview

Ashley en


I would tell you nothing because I should have turned it off during our meeting.

Alan en


"Oh, excuse me". ( pulls phone from pocket, remove battery, put it back on pocket) .. look the person in the eyes and say " im sorry about that". moves on.

mike en


Sorry for the interruption, a silent mode failure, if it would be a biomedical engineering problem I would have fixed it right away - then take off the battery.

ektormelendez en


I would say it's a miracle, because I always power my phone completely off. Either I need it, or I don't. I see no purpose in "silence"; that's just saying "I'll listen to you until someone more important makes it vibrate."

Glen en


Stupid Android!

Joe en


Sorry my wife is getting ready to give birth.

Rich en


oh, its for you and had the phone to the interviewer...

Diane en


i have a phone too

Kaushal Chawda en


I've actually had that happen before... the phone was off, yet made a ring via some kind of crazy glitch. I was in church. It was NOT a miracle.

Jon en


my smartphone heard itself being referred to in the question and wanted to weigh in...

Jim en


then it could be from Rajnikanth

Anónimo en


Sorry about that. My provider just lost a good customer.

victor en


This phone is like a baby in church...making noise just at the wrong time!

Liz en


Sorry that's my parole officer calling...

Khiladi en


Sorry but its time for Angry Birds

Marty en


Lol love the parole officer and the batman answers. Awesome. Also, who owns a phone with a removable battery anymore?

Kyle en


"I'm sorry for the noise, if it truly disturbs you. I was being chased by the Klingon's, and lost them in a wormhole. My Transponder must have reset itself to the original factory settings".

Capt. Kirk en


Ah! Seems he's got a mind of his own!

Minnie en


Sorry, I have my phone set to ring only if Mr. Falk is calling. Excuse me while I take this.

shayne en


I will continue our conversation because I would have left my phone in the car.

Jason en


That would never happen to me 'cause I don't have a cell phone :)

Me en


"I assumed this phone would work the way it was supposed to, as I DID put it on silent. Too bad, faulty technology". Remove battery, continue.

Paul Tudor Oprea en


Who's phone was that?

Kenny en


Excuse your self, and simply remove battery and apologize and let them know that you are ready to proceed.

Oliver en


id get my cell phone out and show him/her that its switched off and say i never have that problem

matt en


D*mn Siri!

Ecardenal en


excuse me....m sorry about that....

Agarwal en


I Got a Bug :)

Sandeep Rao en


I'd look guiltly as all get-out, take the battery out, and set it on the desk and continue with the interview.

Stone Cold en


I need a pay rise for a new phone since the current one is not functioning as it should.

Cynthia en


"Sorry, it is an everyday alarm for medicine." I'm sure this is going to work bcoz cell phone alarms do ring even if the cell phone is in silent mode.

Bisweswar Swain en


what a mess... heheheh

john en


i would tell u to ask better questions with more logic because phone doesn't work like u said.

rach en


i would say the interviwer , "See, the phone rang even if it was on silent mode! This is why you should hire me soon."

snix en


Oh, it's probably the President. I'll call him back later. Shut phone off and say "Please continue with what you were saying, he won't be interrupting us again. (Everyone, even the interviewer has the concern that their phone will go off at an inappropriate time. You can turn this into a plus if you don't panic and come up with some lie or explanation. He will of course know that you don't know the president and will take it as a joke rather than a lame excuse. It will also sub-consciouslly show him that your conversation with him is the most important thing at the moment.)

Ken en


I would say that God is calling, and I should probably answer it

Anónimo en


I'd check my phone, turn it off, and say, "I apologize" then continue with the interview without further explanation. The important thing is not to get flustered or make a bigger deal of the incident than is necessary. It has happened to everyone. No point in wasting time after the initial apology or annoying anyone further with unnecessary explanations. If the interviewer wants further explanation, s/he can ask.

Anon en


i won't say anything coz i have already switched off my phone n i knw it wld b ur phn thts ringin n i wont like u 2 offend by saying your phone's ringin

neha jagare en


I would fart louder than the ringer and then bless myself as if I had sneezed.

Anónimo en


My phone is sick

Anand en


lol, i set silent profile but with a timer.. sorry for the noise i caused..

Gloria Fatima en


It's my bitter half ....sorry my better half call .....

A G en


I'd tell you that I must have forgotten it in my haste to be on time, and apologize profusely, while removing the battery. There's no need to stammer trying to explain that I turned it to silent, and the phone didn't work, who's going to believe that? I'd look like someone who didn't know how to work their own phone, at best - or worse a liar! Take the blame and own up, everybody makes mistakes.

Michelle en

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