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Foto de ExxonMobil de Challenging environments
Foto de ExxonMobil de “The diversity at ExxonMobil works to our strengths because we all come together with the same goals of benefiting the corporation in an ethical way that also makes financial sense.”
Foto de ExxonMobil de One thing I like about ExxonMobil is the culture and how everybody is challenging the standard ways of solving problems and always looking for new ways to get better results.” - Mark
Foto de ExxonMobil de My first assignment at was every twenty something’s dream job. I supported two plants in Japan so I got to travel there and spend some time in Japan as I executed those projects.” - Michael
Foto de ExxonMobil de ”What attracted me was the culture. There are a lot of smart people; it’s very challenging compared to the competition. Also, they offer a really good compensation package, to be honest.” - Amr
Foto de ExxonMobil de “What I love the most about the culture is the type of people that I work with. I’m challenged on a day-to-day basis I work with the smartest people in the industry and in my field.” - Daniela
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